Under His Midas Touch! - I Gyrate! is a collaborative multimedia show curated by Jennifer Dalton Vincent and Polina Volfovich. It features the work of Jennifer Dalton Vincent, Polina Volfovich, Ariana Lee and Marcella Marsella. It was installed in the Lower Atrium Gallery at Brown University's Granoff Center for the Creative Arts from November 15 -December 15, 2015.

Under His Midas Touch - I Gyrate! makes currency complicit in a joke at its own expense and leverages humor to critique the stories currency tells about American identity, patriarchy, and power. The show includes:


  • a 6' by 20' penny mosaic that at first read says that "Money is Expensive" yet at second glance reveals a penile pun

  • a colorful dollar bill animation that faces, defaces and refaces George Washington

  • an installation of this animation, where each faced, defaced and refaced George is laid out in grid

  • two surrealist, macabre collage rendered in cut­-up credit cards

  • and, finally, a grotesque and beautiful Donald Trump pinata hanging above the entire scene. This final piece was part of a participatory performance at the opening.

Using forms as varied as performance, collage, sculpture, video, and mixed-media art, Under his Midas Touch - I Gyrate! erases the face of staid patriarchy and, in its place, draws in a raucous, feminist critique. This show comes out of a long history of feminist performance and installation art that has used humor and critical art practices to interrogate practices of power in society and the art world.

Illustration by Polina Volfovich

Under His Midas Touch - I Gyrate!

Granoff Center for the Creative Arts, Providence, RI

Illustration by Polina Volfovich